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I’m giving away this outfit which I don’t wear anymore even before I loved it a lot so I don’t want to abandon it in my wardrobe haha! Thats why I’m giving it away, I know somebody’s gonna love it too:)

!!!ALSO GIVING AWAY: NEW White Blackberry Curve 8520, with three cases.


You have to be following me and him

NO Likes!!

It doesn’t matter what type of blog you have, the winner will be choosen randomly (using random.org)

It has to get +1,500notes!

We are going to check if you’re following us, so if you win but you aren’t following both blogs, I’m going to choose someone else!

Reblog as many times as you want! More reblogs = more chances to win!(:

The giveaway ends the 1st of June

!!!GOOD LUCK!!! <3

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